We want to be a leading company when it comes to safe and environmentally friendly import, sale and distribution of chemical products.

Therefore we continuously work to improve our environmental management system to prevent spills and accidents during loading, unloading and handling of chemicals both on tank terminal and during transport.

We emphasize energy efficient storage and distribution of chemicals and proper waste disposal at the tank terminal.

In this connection, we commit ourselves to follow applicable national and international laws, and internal requirements to ensure proper chemical handling and safe transport with minimal impacts on the natural environment.



Acinor has been certified by Intertek in acordance with ISO 14001:2015

- ISO Certificate 14001


CSR / Due diligence

Acinor AS complies with the Act on Business Transparency and Work with Basic Human Rights and Decent Working Conditions, which requires larger businesses to carry out due diligence assessments to avoid negative consequences for human rights and decent working conditions in their own operations and in the company's supply chain.


Statement of our due diligence assessments (Norwegian)




The company is a member of Øra Environment Committe which is a cooperation between environmentally certified companies located at Øra, environmental organizations, local community and local authorities.